„Inspiring presentations that move and shake“

At many conferences and congresses (domestic and abroad) Frank Rehme has thrilled audiences with his experience in an impressive manner. It turns out the essentials and describes the necessary dimensions of action with absolute focus on implementation.

These are the current themes in his speech portfolio:


From Change of Mind to Change of Commerce: Successful Retail in a Changing Society

The shopper has developed into a professional. This speech shows how to inspire customers by the implementation of neuromarketing.

Neuropackaging or the increasing Meaning of Packaging

This speech explains how and why packaging in the saturated market will become more important as interface between consumer and product.

Aggressiveness 2025: Passion for Change!

This speech shows how important curiosity for future and technology is how digitization and globalisation, which are often considered negatively, have highly improved the living conditions in Germany.

Innovation between Hype, Mistakes and Practice

With more than 10 years operational responsibility in innovation Frank Rehme shows how ideas can be transformed into innovations – even in a large business environment.

Digitization between Buzzword Bingo and Real World

This speech illustrates the impact of digitization on business models in this field and consequences for industries that fail to act.

The Future City Langenfeld

This speech shows the flagship project in commerce and urban development for the next years. The Future City Langenfeld is model city for the innovative future of commerce and the adventure sphere inner city.
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Month Conference City Topic
March Online marketing Gipfel Bonn Mobile Commerce-Multi Channel
April Printed Electronics Düsseldorf Consumer Insights
May Urban Futures 2050 Berlin Future Commerce & Urbanisation
June Inkdays Siegburg Retailers Packaging needs
June Mobile Summit Bonn Mobile Payment
June Shopper Marketing Bonn Neuromarketing & Retail Innovation
June Payment Summit Wiesbaden Future Payment
August Mobile Summit Wiesbaden Mobile Commerce-Multi Channel
September Mobile Monday Düsseldorf NFC Technology in Mobile
September ECR Day 2011 Berlin Multisensoric at PoS - Neuromarketing
October Versandhandelskongress Wiesbaden Multichannel Mobile Commerce
October PoS Summit Wiesbaden Shopper Experience
October SB Warenhauskongress Wiesbaden PoS Trends & Innovations
October Payment World Mainz Mobile Payment
October GEM Forum Bochum Multisensoric at PoS - Neuromarketing
November Iceland Retail&Logistic Group Reykjavik (IS) Innovation in Shopper Experience
November 5. Fachkonferenz Handel Stuttgart Future Retail
November ECR Life Düsseldorf Future of Dairy: Cool Shelf Vision