Frank Rehme:
Innovator, Coach,
Speaker, Expert and Author

Frank Rehme - Speaker

Inspiring presentations that move and shake.

Inspiring, engaging and with a lot of emotions are presented professionally your relevant topics. Top reviews of the audience at many confe-rences.


Appraiser for courts and economy.

Objective evaluation and analysis of complex issues in the field of retail and consumer goods industry, based on years of experience and education.

Frank Rehme - Innovator & Coach

Innovator & Coach
He has shifted boundaries with innovative ideas.

As a longtime innovator in multinational companies he has set global standards with new solutions. This way he continues in his own company „gmvteam“.

Frank Rehme - Autor

Frank Rehme provides appropriate perspectives and strategies.

Whether as a guest author at bestsellers or as an initiator in international businesses – his comments, essays and reports inspires by clear and precise formulations.


Frank Rehme
Rather Kirchplatz 11
D-40472 Düsseldorf

+49 160 94705975

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